Committee Member Profile: Lee Macaskill, Rumah - 5th Dec 2018

Today's post is the first in a series of profiles. The Mosgiel Business Association is driven by a dedicated committee, many of who may be familiar faces behind shop counters, on the streets or in the supermarket. But who are they?  

First up, let's meet MBA Committee Member Lee Macaskill, part owner of Rumah.

How (or why) did you get into what you do?

Having completed a long career as an insurance broker, my wife Tracey and I travelled for some time, during which we hatched the idea, while holidaying in Indonesia, of importing and retailing furniture and homewares in our home town. 

What is your connection to Mosgiel?

Born and bred, educated and still live here.

If I ran into you while out and about in Mosgiel, it would probably be at… Rumah, the golf club or at a social gathering.

What's been a challenge you've overcome, or an epiphany you've had, that's shaped who you are today?

Having spent many years in the corporate world, I exposed myself to the pressures and stress of the job and it has been good to take the pace of a bit and create a working life that suits my lifestyle and gives me some balance. I’ve gained perspective.

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