Committee Member Profile: Amanda from Be My Guest and Southern Bride - 19th Dec 2018

Here's another profile from our committee, this time new committee member Amanda from Be My Guest Design is up for the grilling!

What's your name and what is your role/business?

I'm Amanda Cookson from Be My Guest Design, an online wedding invitation and stationery designer. I also support brides getting married through a website, course and live events over at


How did you get into what you do?

I love design, and I love weddings and special events, so when I was looking for part time work after my first child was born, I kind of fell into it. I couldn't find a part time job that I would enjoy, while having flexibility with the kids.It's all sprung from there and grown much bigger than I ever dreamed.


What is your connection to Mosgiel?

I grew up in Mosgiel and am literally less than a 1km away from  my childhood  home. So I didn't go far.


If I ran into you while out and about in Mosgiel, it would probably be at.... Blend grabbing a coffee, or down the street popping to the post office


What's been a challenge you've overcome, or an epiphany you've had, that's shaped who you are today?

I work for me and my family, not other people. Prioritising how I want to work vs how my clients want me to work has been a big factor in being able to run a sustainable business - especially when I had to go on maternity leave to have my second bubs. Turning down work that didn't interest me (and therefore money!) has also been a scary step but I am ultimately happier!


What do you like most about Mosgiel

Easy to get round and of course 4 degrees warmer than Dunedin.


What would like to see happen in Mosgiel?

I'm really looking forward to diving into the Mosgiel Pool! I've had a campaign running to do my bit and have had the opportunity to take part in some of the fundraising so I am excited to see building start.

I'm hoping we get even more businesses/retailers out this way and have the main street absolutely humming.  I love the relaxed vibe we get out here on a sunny, busy day.


Any challenges/successes you have faced regarding setting up or running a business in Mosgiel

I do tend to plan my week around trips to town - but that's less about Mosgiel and more about the current price of petrol. I've set up my business to be able to work from anywhere, so it's not Mosgiel-dependent (since hubby works away from home alot, so we like to try travel with him where possible).

The huge benefit of working from Mosgiel is being able to walk to work, finding parking easily if I do drive, and no traffic jams!

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