Ali Harper - Legendary Divas - 8th Feb 2019 to 9th Feb 2019

I just love performing in Dunedin!! Some of you may remember my one-woman show Songs for Nobodies last year at the Dunedin Arts Festival, and some of you may have also seen me as 'Donna' in Mamma Mia a couple of years ago... well, I've got a new show that I know you will love...

Legendary Divas’ is coming to Coronation Hall (in Mosgiel) on the 8th and 9th of February and performing all those great women who continue to touch our hearts with their bravery, passion and remarkable voices is a dream....
I have performed ‘Legendary Divas’ in many NZ towns and even on the high seas throughout the South Pacific, South America and Asia over the past couple of years and I am delighted to bring this popular show to Dunedin.

I have also included other performances and towns just in case you know someone in those areas who would love to come to one of my shows... 

Legendary Divas Booking Links

WANAKA (Feb 6)
 EventFinda (online) or Ritual Expresso Cafe (cash only)

MOSGIEL (Feb 8/9)
 EventFinda (online) or Paper Plus Mosgiel (cash only)

NELSON (Feb 16)
Theatre Royal Nelson

Artworks Theatre

The PumpHouse Theatre

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